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Blinded by the Night

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Just as Jake and Elwood Blues combined the rhythm from Memphis, Chicago blues guitar and New York wind to form the band, The Blues Brothers., Now two of the members, Blue Lou Marini and Tom Malone play in New York in the band, The City Boys Allstars. The group has now released, through the efforts of the guitarist “City Boy” Mike Merola, their first live concert in 17 years as a CD.

Spoof bands are only really good if the musicians take their job really seriously. And one can confidently assume that the musicians from the environment of the legendary Blues Brothers really do. The Enzymes Even with Murphy Dunne had published one of the most entertaining albums of the year the end of 2013. The fact that I did not become aware of the City Boys Allstars from New York until now, is a pity. For this soul-funk-jazz troupe could actually confidently compare with the Tower of Power at their best.. Anyway what stood out in 2013 at the concert in the Cutting Room was a troupe on stage that was bursting with playfulness . A fat horn section next to Malone and Marini, also jazz trumpeter Lew Soloff heard playing driving riffs and improvising as required. The guitar of Mike Merola holds the group together. And the vocalists Bil Kurz, Angel Rissoff and Horace Scott deliver between hearty funk, Rhythm & Blues and epic flights of jazz hitting all the right nuances. A great live album.

City Boys Allstars – Blinded By The Night (German Review)

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