Horace Derayco Scott


Horace Scott II is an exceptional singer in the soulful family tradition of his father, Horace Sr., and three uncles who had a successful run as r&b vocal group the Scott Brothers between 1959 and 1963; one of their singles, “Stolen Angel,” even merits all-time classic status. Horace II did his elders proud by showing up on the 1997 Billboard Top 100 Pop chart with a cover of “Hooked on a Feeling,” which decades earlier had sold well in versions by first B. J. Thomas and then the Scandinavian pop band Blue Swede. Interest in Scott’s interpretation was spiked by the song being heard on the popular Ally McBeal television show.

Scott, who works outside music as a broadcast engineer at television station WPIX, has an affinity for songwriting; he has contributed several gems to the City Boys All Stars’ repertoire and, in the early- 1990s, he composed “Girlfriend” for a double-platinum album by singing British pop-soul sensation Kenny Thomas. The song turned up again, in 1999, on Thomas’s Best compilation album.

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