Angel Rissoff

AngelRissoff Angel belongs to that small but select group of soul singers who value the great American soul and R&B traditions while keeping their special musical language crisp and fresh. In an age dominated by artifice and empty gesture, this native New Yorker sings directly from the heart in the easeful manner of someone with an intimate understanding of the word “soulfulness.” Angel has a special affinity for time-honored material from black vocal groups, cuts right to the emotional core, and his songs pulsate with the joy of rediscovery.

With his deeply resonant voice dipping, swooping and vaulting ever so purposefully, he adopted the name “Little Leopold” to sing lead on Little Isadore & the Inquisitors’ smash single “Harlem Hit Parade.” From 1999 to 2007, Angel was a member of the acclaimed vocal group, Kenny Vance and The Planotones.

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