When You Needed Me

When You Needed Me Album - The City Boys Allstars

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  1. Funky Peaches (David Bennett Cohen)
  2. When You Needed Me (Horace Scott / Connie Alexander / Antonio Jacobs)
  3. Casanova  (Horace Scott / Bert Price)
  4. The Snows Of July  (Angel Rissoff / Jim Gregory)
  5. The Vow  (Horace Scott / Bennett Paster)
  6. Last Night The Bottle Let Me Down  (Robert Ross )
  7.  More Where That Came From (Angel Rissoff)
  8. The Stumble/Hide Away (Freddie King / Sonny Thompson)
  9. God Bless The Child  (Billie Holiday / Arthur Herzog Jr.)
  10. Drift Away  (Mentor Williams)
  11. Testimony  (Robbie Jaime Robertson)
  12. The Whole Story  (Angel Rissoff )

Side A

1 Funky Peaches
David Benett Cohen (Rich Hen Music, BMI)

2 When You Needed Me
Horace Scott, Connie Alexander, Antonio Jacobs (Derayco Music/Blacklieder/
Cityboysmike, ASCAP)

3 Casanova
Horace Scott, Bert Price (Derayco Music, Funky As A Monkey, Cityboysmike, ASCAP)

Side B

1 The Snows Of July
Angel Rissoff & Jim Gregory (Angel Music, BMI)

2 The Vow
Horace Scott, Bennett Paster (Derayco Music, Wurliboy Music, Cityboysmike, SESAC)

3 Last Night The Bottle Let Me Down
Robert Ross (Learned Man Publishing, BMI)

Side C

1 More Where That Came From
Angel Rissoff (Angel Music, BMI)

2 The Stumble/Hide Away
Freddie King, Sonny Thompson (BMG Platinum Songs OBO ARC Music/
Trio Music Company, Inc./Carbert Music, Inc./Fort Knox Music, Inc. BMI)

3 God Bless The Child
Billie Holiday & Arthur Herzog Jr. (Edward B Marks Music Company, BMI)

Side D

1 Drift Away
Mentor Williams (Almo Music Corp., ASCAP)

2 Testimony
Robbie Jaime Robertson (WB Music Corp. OBO Medicine Hat Music, ASCAP)

3 The Whole Story
Angel Rissoff (Angel Music, BMI)

Guitars: Mike Merola
Bass: Al MacDowell
Keys: Robbie Clores
Drums: Nick Saya
Percussion: Daniel Sadownick
Vocals: Horace Scott II, Angel Rissoff, Bil Kurz
Trumpets: Tony Kadleck & Lew Soloff
Alto and Tenor Sax’s: Andy Snitzer & “Blue Lou” Marini
Baritone Sax: Tom “Bones” Malone
Trombone: Tom “Bones” Malone
RobertRossSpecial Guest: Robert Ross (Lead Vocals and Solo)
Writer-Lead Vocals–And Lead Guitar
Robert Ross On His Tune–Last Night The Bottle Let Me Down

Vocal Arranger: Bil Kurz

Horn Arrangements:
Tony Kadleck
Tom “Bones” Malone
Pete Levin
Fred Lipsius

Producer: Tony Kadleck

Executive Producer: Michael G. Merola

For City Boys Mike Productions LLC
Mike Merola
Elias Pateras
Charlie Palmieri Jr.
Horace Scott II
Michael Roman


Our album was recorded and mixed at “Broccoli Rabe” Studios owned by Brian Drago. Entertainment Inc.

15 Gloria Lane, Fairfield, N.J. 07004-3305
Tracking, Mixing, & Production Assistant: Joseph Borges.
Assisted by Domenica Giorgio & Danilo Lobozzo


Album was mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound,
88 Tenth Avenue, New York, N.Y.
Vinyl Cutting Engineer: Ray Janos
Special Coordinator: Sharon Agnello

Album Cover Photo: Bruce Herlitschek,
The Art of Imaging – theartofimaging@comcast.net.
All other photos by Bruce Herlitschek & Michael Roman

Graphic Design: Eric Fritz for DiscMasters
and Jim Rasfeld for Rainbo Records

Mike Merola
Mike Merola plays:
1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Gibson ES 355
Fender Amps – 57 Twin Hand Wired

FAT PIG Amplification’s Mark Eckard proudly endorses Mike Merola.

Fat Pig Amps
2071 21st Street S.E. Unit K
Hickory, N. C. 28602
(828) 851-0080

Guitar Tech. For Mike Merola: Jeremy Perks from Rudy’s Music – N.Y.C

Special Assistant for Mike Merola: Angello Olivieri

I just have to take this time to thank my 2 sisters Mary Lou and Liz for
supporting my music for many years!!!! I love you both very much!!!

Horace Scott
To my beautiful wife Susan and amazing kids, “I Love You”.

The song “When you needed me” was written in memory of James. Thank you Antonio and Connie for helping me to complete such a personally difficult song.

Mike Roman
I would like to give a special mention to my daughter Alexis for unknowingly inspiring me to be a part of this album and company.



Review by Eric Schuurmans www.rootstime.be

The basis of “The City Boys Allstars” Mike Merola (guitars), Al MacDowell (bass),
Robbie Clores (keyboards) and Nick Saya (drums). Mike Merola got a guitar when he
was nine years old. His favorite guitarists were Albert King, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Les
Paul, Robben Ford … Mike is the glue of the group, he holds everything together. When
Al MacDowell was six years old, losing his mother led him to take classical piano
lessons, the beginning of a long journey through the music. He has worked with such
greats as: Ornette Coleman, “Public Enemy”, Billy Joel, Grace Jones and many others.
Ornette Coleman (“Quartet”) is an American jazz musician and winner of “The Pulitzer
Prize for Music and Best Country Band / Downbeat Magazine. Al MacDowell, himself,
has three albums with his own material. Robbie Clores has skilled training in classical /
jazz, but is naturally grounded in R & B and blues. He recently worked with Enrique
Iglesias, “The Black Crowes” and “Southside Johnny”. Nick Saya is a producer,
drummer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He also writes music for TV and film.
Other band members are Daniel Sadownick (percussion) and guest guitarist Robert
Ross. Daniel Sadownick is a Master of “Musical Education” and toured for two years
with Lionel Hampton. Robert Ross in 1989 and in 1991 won the “Award for the Best
Blues Artist”. Vocalists are: Horace Scott II, Angel Rissoff and Bil Kurz. Who can we
finally certainly not forget are the horns: Lew Soloff (former “Blood Sweat & Tears”) &
Tony Kadleck: trumpets, Andy Snitzer & “Blue Lou” Marini: alto & tenor sax and Tom
“Bones” Malone: baritone sax & trombone.

Read More:   Eric Schuurmans Review (PDF, 23K)