Look Out Here We Come

Look Out Here We Come - The City Boys Allstars

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  1. Pay Day (Keith Lambeth)
  2. Looks Like Love (Frankie Paris)
  3. Where Have You Been? (Angel Rissoff/Richard Borken)
  4. Uptown (Greg Belcher)
  5. Love Prowl (David Greenspan)
  6. Scratch Your Name (Frankie Paris)
  7. Back In Love Again (Angel Rissoff)
  8. City Boy Blues (David Bennette Cohen)
  9. Strung Out (Harry Holt/Frankie Paris)
  10. What Does Love Mean To Me? (Frankie Paris)
  11. Smile For Me (Greg Belcher)
  12. Alexander’s Torture Device (Greg Belcher)
  13. If I Had Known (Robert Ross)
  14. I’ll Never Leave You (Greg Belcher)
  15. Sunshine Of Your Love (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown/Eric Clapton)
  16. City Boy Blues (alternate take) (David Bennett Cohen)
  17. Uptown (alternate take) (Greg Belcher)