The City Boys Allstars goes North!

Blinded by the Night

The below is an review from Ronnie Lindsay, a DJ on the Show Bluesday On Tuesday at CKUW 95.9 FM University of Winnipeg in Canada. Yes, Canada!

So I’m on me deck…a bright, sunny day with a light breeze and Bailey at me feet, (temps have been better but November is only 4 months away).
I go into me house to retrieve me second beer ’cause NO one in their right mind ever has “A” beer and I remember to check the mail.
Harpdog Brown’s new cd “What It Is” has arrived, (TY) BIG cool! BUY IT! See Harpdog LIVE at The King’s Hotel Oct.17-18th
…but also has The City Boys Allstars cd(S), two of them…”Blinded By The Night” and “When You Needed Me”. They were in a 18″x12″x18″ box sent thru UPS. Overkill you say? ($17 American to send)!
ALSO contained in bubbled wrap and safe guarded by styrofoam fluffs are TWO fold out VINYL albums of the same cds, still in plastic wrap! ALSO a collectors 12″ 33″ VINYL platter of two songs “God Bless The Child”/”Funky Peaches” on a “Live from the Cuttin’ Room” New York City 2013!!!…
I was struck dumb. I had enjoyed a pm chat with Darren Weale and said I’m old school and don’t play downloads on Bluesday when he asked if he could send me some music fer me playlist.
I told him I still play cassettes, cds and vinyl as I LOVE cover art work with notes in me hand, not on a screen. I wish the days of vinyl didn’t need the hunt of boxes and boxes at a garage sale or flea market, (even in that though there is a joy) and that I could still find vinyl at me local record, (electronics), store.
I have never received a package of this magnitude before. I will listen to the cds but I’m thinkin’ Bluesday On Tuesday will have a vinyl night right soon of unopened plastic that will rival any party to date!
As a tease, two members of the band on saxes you may know are “Blue Lou” Marini and Tom “Bones” Malone, (see Blues Brothers movie(s)).

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