Orchestral Jazz America – The City Boys Allstars: Blinded By The Night

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Online review by Czékus Mihály

The City Boys Allstars: Blinded By The Night

Will be a real treat for lovers of big band jazz for the American band The City Boys Allstars new album, which was given the title Blinded By The Night.

24 July 2014 14:22

In a joint effort, Guitarist Mike Merola has created a special world of music for himself. Jazz, R & B, blues, soul and rock elements, including most of their works evoke the world of film music. Disk contains predominantly original music by the nine members of the. Beside them, the album contains a repertoire of popular tunes like “God Bless The Child (Arthur Herzog Jr., Billie Holiday). The range of the most popular of “Where Have You Been” “More Where That Came From” and “When You Needed Me” expect.


For those of you who are new to the world of big band jazz, this album is a perfect entry. Of course, this does not mean that those familiar with the genre would not find exciting tunes, as well.


The publication thenceforth offers quality entertainment suitable for the testing of audio systems. Even for two reasons. Part of a high-quality recordings are concerned, on the other hand, the wide range of simultaneously sounding musical instrument musical tested immediately shows the system’s strengths and weaknesses.

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