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Blinded by the Night


The City Boys Allstars – Blinded by the Night
9 Tracks; 48:54 running time

A fine group of ten musicians and three singers make up this jazzy, bluesy, and soulful ensemble. The band formed in 1988 and their latest recording released in September 2014 was the group’s first performance in 17 years. Recorded live at The Cutting Room in New York City (the super groups originating roots), the performance is dripping with feeling, emotion, and raw energy. Personal influence includes artists such as BB King and Joe Pass. Trying to find an instrument that isn’t played on this disc will be the real challenge here. Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, percussion, saxophone, and vocals are all present and accounted for in fine form! The title of Blinded by the Night makes one think of darkness, reality, and speaking the truth. Speaking the truth was the overall cry of this CD according to one band member on the night of the live show.

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