Blog Critics: The City Boys Allstars – ‘Blinded by the Night’

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It had been 17 years since The City Boys Allstars got together to play in public when they took to the stage of New York City’s The Cutting Room on August 28, 2013 for a live concert. Blinded by the Night, released last month, is a recording of that concert. Fielding an ensemble of 10 top-flight instrumentalists and three exciting singers, The City Boys play a blend of blues and funk that unites some hot horns driven by a dynamite rhythm section with strong vocals that never grow old—the more you hear them, the better you like them. Moreover, the enthusiastic audience reception in the room that night has everyone pumped and working in top form. Listening to the disc, you can feel the energy in the room. It is an energy that is infectious.

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